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100% Human Hair Extensions 
The extension that gives you perfect dream hair in less than a minute.

The MyHaloHair Extension is a simple and easy solution to ENHANCE your hair. It adds length and creates a fuller more voluminous look. The MHH Extension is simple, easy and quick to install.
The MHH Extension uses an adjustable wire that creates a comfortable and secure fit. The 60 second installation lets you wear them in the club or at the gym - with no pulling or damage, and without giving up the added security of clip-ins! Simply place the MHH Extension on the crown of the head, and your natural hair is pulled through.
You can then cut color and style as you would your natural hair. All halos are an 11" weft, for a full and natural look. We have engineered the volume of each extension to match it's length for the perfect look.


  • They are made from 100% soft and silky human remy hair
  • Super easy and safe to apply with no clips, beads or glue
  • Double drawn for thick and healthy ends
  • Add length, volume and thickness in less than 60 seconds
  • Lightweight, comfortable and undetectable once applied


TIP: For a super secure halo, place the band about 1 inch back from the hair line, before pushing the back of the halo down below your occipital bone.


Section off your hair at the crown and tie up into a bun.


Place the halo over your bun, so that the band is approximately one inch back from your hair line and the halo feels secure. Let your hair down over the halo and use a tail comb to blend and smooth over your hair and the extensions.